We have moved to Southampton!

Dear colleagues and guests,

Honoured speakers,


PESPOS- Paediatric Surgery Postgraduate Seminars was started in 2011 by a group of paediatric surgeons and paediatric surgical trainees from Vienna, Austria. The main aim of PESPOS is to provide a clinical update for paediatric surgeons, trainees and allied healthcare professionals through a series of high quality lectures.


Paediatric Surgery is a broad specialty that not only accounts for the surgical care of children but that requires a multidisciplinary approach to different ailments.  We want to incorporate into this lecture series a more integrative approach and invite leaders in different aspects of paediatric surgery and related specialties to give us an actual and practical overview on the disease process, management and interaction between medical and surgical treatments.


The next topic will be 

Congenital and Aquired Conditions of The Oesophagus-

A Current Surgical and Clinical Update



We look forward to meeting you in Southampton.  



Yours sincerely


 PESPOS team